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Throwing a Cinco de Mayo Party? Don’t Forget the Games!

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, many people find themselves planning to hold a huge fiesta with family and friends. If you’re thinking of throwing a Cinco de Mayo Phoenix fiesta this year, then you’re probably spending a lot of time focusing on the food and drinks you’ll be serving up. But what about providing your guests with some fun, Cinco do Mayo games and activities to celebrate the holiday? These three games are easy to set up, and range from kid-friendly to adults-only.

Chili Pepper Guessing Game

This one is probably best suited for adults — especially if you’re going to be serving up hot peppers that children aren’t likely to enjoy. Basically, the way this game works is that you set up a table with samples of a bunch of different peppers. None of the peppers will be labeled, and you can even blindfold players before they complete their tastings to make the game even harder.

With each tasting, players of the game will try to guess what specific type of pepper they’re eating. You can use anything from basic red and green peppers to more complex types such as  jalepeño and chile peppers. If you want to really throw your guests for a loop, consider adding ghost peppers into the mix!

Bust Out the Piñata

What kind of Cinco de Mayo party is complete without busting open a piñata full of goodies? You can keep this simple and make it kid-friendly by filling up a piñata with candies, crayons, and other fun toys. However, if you’re hosting an adult party, then you might want to consider making it a little more fun by filling the piñata with some little liquor bottles. 

This is an especially fun idea if you’ve set up a margarita bar at your party; your guests can use their liquor bottles from the piñata to spruce up their beverages!

The Limbo! (Kid-Friendly)

Finally, if you’re looking for an activity that’s a blast for adults and children alike, then consider doing the limbo! All you need for this game is a broom and maybe some fun music. Take turns having guests limbo underneath the broom as you lower it, making the game more challenging as you go. For children, you can make this a little easier by having them crawl under the limbo broom instead.

The game ends when only one player is left standing; the rest of the players are disqualified when they fail to limbo underneath the broom without touching it. 

Holding a successful Cinco de Mayo party takes a lot of planning and foresight, especially when it comes to incorporating some fun game and activity ideas. However, by keeping these Cinco de Mayo fiesta ideas in mind as you plan for the big day, you’ll be sure to have plenty of fun activities for your guests to partake in without having to spend a lot of money in the process at the same time.

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and we’re celebrating big time over here at Macayo’s! Come on by to celebrate this holiday with us – we’d love to see you!

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