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Macayo’s Guide to Summer Part II: Cuisine

Summer’s in full swing and we know what means – staying cool, laying out by the pool, and spending summer evenings with friends and family. For cold, delicious beverage ideas, make sure you check out…


Macayo’s Guide to Summer Part 1: Beverages

With triple digits dropping down on Phoenix and not looking like they’re going anywhere soon, it’s time to cool off with a refreshing beverage. Thankfully, in our Macayo’s Guide to Summer, we’ve got you covered….


Evenings by the Pool: How to Throw a Summer Fiesta

Summer is a great time to throw a Mexican fiesta with family, friends, and neighbors. Of course, if this will be your first time throwing a fiesta, you may understandably be at a bit of…


Simple Tropical Salsa Recipe

This salsa recipe is easy, tasteful and refreshing. It pairs well with all types of tacos, but especially with pork tacos and fresh tortilla chips. Whether served as a sauce or as a dip, this…