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Spring Training Fiesta Ideas

The weather is warming, and Arizona’s great climate has never been better. Whether you’re taking part in great spring training in AZ, or, if you’re looking for some DIY party ideas, a variety of exciting fiesta party plans are guaranteed to give you options.

Getting inspiration is easy, and crafting a delightful fiesta complete with food and drinks needn’t be difficult. The sun is shining, and it’s time to create a warm, welcoming party for all ages. Your Mexican fiesta is about to begin, and these “south of the border” planning ideas are great for Spring Training parties, out of town guests or simply just a fun Friday night with the family.

For the Kids

Fiesta parties work great outside—and the kids will love a fantastic Mexican party complete with streamers and fun outdoor activities. Whether you’re planning a birthday or basic party—focusing on outdoor activities will be a great asset.

Grab some artificial plants, and string up flowers between trees, near overhands and over door frames. Remember: This is a Mexican fiesta atmosphere, so bright party supplies, cutlery and cups are great selection.

As for the parents, a cucumber cilantro margarita will hit the spot. Tequila, vodka-tonic and cucumber also makes a refreshing outdoor drink for classy evenings on the patio.

For the Baseball Lovers

Who said baseball and fiestas don’t mix? Combining a great sport with an after-party is a great seasonal decision. Many AZ residents enjoy getting outside, and pairing a ballgame with a party is a unique, fun and exciting idea.

Fondant chili pepper cupcake toppers, chili dogs and nachos combine the best of both worlds, and you’ll likely have difficulty keeping people away from great party amenities like swimming, television and games. After a day outside, your guests will want to sit, relax and enjoy another awesome afternoon. In such cases, the beer-garita is a great choice.

The beer-garita is a classic lime margarita with a bottled beer alongside it. Or, if you’re feeling trendy, pop its cap and turn it upside down—being sure to stuff its neck into the margarita. The pressure should empty the beer slowly as the margarita is drained, creating an awesome, savory mix.

For the Budgeter

As above, outdoor events and fiestas match well, and a variety of options exist for party-makers on a budget. Where decorations are concerned, hand-dipped napkins and paper medallions offer fantastic, festive party ornament alternatives, as do paper fans and colored plastic table cloths.

Additionally, frozen popsicle treats define any outdoor event, and their relatively easy recipe can provide your inexpensive extravaganza with extra tart. The classic, frozen margarita is a fine twist, too, and strawberry, peach, mango and lime are all fantastic choices. Cooling off with a cocktail has never been better, and, when combined with surrounding decorations, exemplifies the perfect, outdoor fiesta.

For the Cocktail Party Lovers

As with many party ideas, a cocktail version is great for adults and those seeking a more eloquent atmosphere. Fiesta parties and cocktail parties needn’t clash, and several great options exist within classically-designed party decorations and high-end cocktails.

Pick a theme, and toss in some yellows, oranges and reds. Regardless of choice, your fiesta will be ready for festivities, and sunflowers, vases and drink dispensers will add the proverbial “cherry to the top of the cake”.

As for a fine margarita selection, the margarita granite works well here. With lime juice, lime wedges, salt and hand-stirred orange juice, the margarita granite redefines its class. Few Mexican cocktails can compare, and few deliver the freshness offered by such a delectable drink.

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