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Margarita de Macayo!

We’ve all enjoyed plenty of margaritas through the years. It’s a right of passage here in this great state of Arizona. In the last 70 years, we’ve estimated to have sold more than 20 million margaritas. Now let’s think about that…if our average margarita is 16 ounces and the average swimming pool is 14,500 gallons, that means in our seven decades as a staple of Arizona Mexican Cuisine, we have sold enough margaritas to fill 174.41 swimming pools!

Chips, salsa and a margarita – it’s an easy order (and one we love)! Through the years of original Margarita de Macayo has stood the test of time with the simple recipe of a great tequila and our Macayo Sweet and Sour. These days, more and more margarita recipes are being created and we are happy to be a part of the trend! Today, our Classic and Specialty margaritas look much different than the originals sold by Woody Johnson in the 50’s and 60’s. Different, but Sharisse Johnson, our CEO and Woody’s daughter, maintains that Woody would be over-the-moon with the innovations we have made during the last 15 years with our beverage program. Woody, himself, was a master innovator, and had one of the first frozen Margarita machines in Arizona.

“In the old days, most of our margaritas included our own Macayo’s Sweet & Sour,” said Johnson. “It was developed years ago, sold online and in-stores. We still use it today in our classic margaritas like the Texas Margarita, Arizona Sunset Margarita, Prickly Pear Margarita and Blood Orange Margarita. These are recipes that our guests have loved for years – would never want to change the flavor profile for them and disappoint our guests.”

A lighter, less sweet mix of sweet and sour stars in the new margaritas, however. And guests now are exploring new options, such as the Skinny Strawberry margarita, made simply with Casamigos Blanco tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, and fresh strawberry puree. “The profile of skinny margarita consumers is actually different from what you would expect,” said Ashley Negron, Director of Marketing & Brand Management. “It isn’t always those who are watching their calories. Skinny consumers are actually those who are looking for a less sugary and sweet margarita – something a little more tart with a more prominent tequila flavor.”

Accordingly, Macayo’s has upped the bar – quite literally – with its tequila offerings. All the stores now serve superior brands like Herradura Silver and Espolon Reposado, while the Scottsdale location – the official test-kitchen/cantina for the brand – also serves ultra-premium labels like Tonala Anejo, Casa Dragones and Patron Anejo 7 Anos.

“One of our biggest goals is to make tequila more approachable,” Negron said. “Tequila is a very artisanal, handcrafted spirit, and when you try better quality tequilas, you can really taste the difference. A great tequila isn’t going to cause a headache the next day, either.”

With our long-popular Margarita of the Month program, we feature a different flavor and tequila, and those specials usually account for about 40 percent of total margarita sales, Johnson said. Those numbers confirm her idea that it was time to introduce bold new drinks.

Join us at any of our Arizona locations and enjoy a margarita today!

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