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How to Make Macayo’s Cheese Crisp

Crispy flour tortilla layered with melted cheeses and baked to perfection…sounds simple right?! These ingredients make up our famous Cheese Crisp. If you haven’t tried one yet, get to one of our 12 Arizona locations now! You’re seriously missing out!

Throughout our 7 decades of service to Arizona this menu item has stood the test of time and although it is among the top sellers, it modestly sits back and let’s our Chimichanga take all of the Macayo credit and fame. Not only is the Cheese Crisp raved about by our guests, it is also a dish native to this great state.

Like we said earlier, it’s a crispy flour tortilla layered with melted cheeses and baked to perfection. A seemingly simple recipe, but a mystery to many who try to repeat it. Words like “What’s the Macayo trick?” “I’ve tried at home so many times but it always tastes better at Macayo’s!” are ones that we hear quite a bit. Well, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here…are you ready to learn the trick?!



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