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The History of our Chimi Fiesta!

Today marks the start of our 2014 Chimi Fiesta! We are sure you are all just as excited as we are! This annual specialty menu is one of our favorite times of the year. It allows us to share a few Chimi Fiesta favorites and bring out NEW items!
As you may know, Macayo’s relationship with the Chimichanga goes back a long time. Legend has it that our founder, Woody Johnson, invented the Chimichanga when he accidentally dropped a meat-filled burrito into a fryer. Luckily for all of us, this small mistake turned out delicious and has turned into a staple Mexican food item across the Southwest.
The Chimichanga de Macayo is one of our main menu items. During our Chimi Fiesta we love adding a spin to this traditional favorite and spicing it up with new and unique flavors. Our best example, created by Woody’s grandson, the Bubba-Q Chimi! This chimi brought back by popular demand!
Our Chimi Fiesta dates back all the way to the early 1980’s and the excitement behind this promotion has increased each year. A major factor to that has been because of a reason separate from the menu and food. The Chimi Fiesta grants us the opportunity to do something that truly touches our hearts; give back to the community. We have always looked to connect with the community in some way and help out a charity with the sales of our chimis.This year we have partnered with the Arizona Diamondbacks, providing us the unique opportunity to “Give Back”. For every Chicken Poblano Chimi sold through our Chimi Fiesta, $1 will be donated to the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation. The funds raised will go towards purchasing baseball equipment for those in the foundation.

The Chicken Poblano Chimi, created by Woody’s granddaughter in 2013, was a great choice by the Arizona Diamondbacks for this fundraiser.
A farm fresh poblano chile stuffed with seasoned chicken then wrapped in a crisp tortilla. Topped with our homeade “Sedona Red” sauce and our signature Baja sauce. Served with refried beans.

This chimi is only available during Chimi Fiesta! Come try one today!

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