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Creating Fun Decorations for Your Summer Fiestas

Regardless of whether you’re skilled when it comes to arts and crafts or not, the good news is that there are plenty of fun fiesta crafts you and your loved ones can partake in with great results. And you don’t need to necessarily go out and buy a bunch of expensive materials, either. Read on to explore a few fun fiesta ideas for creating banners and other decorations yourself.

Paper Fiesta Banner

These days, paper letter banners are very popular for celebrating all kinds of special occasions. You can make a fun banner that spells out the letters “F-I-E-S-T-A” and hang it as a centerpiece for your special event. The nice thing about this craft is that you can mix it up to incorporate the colors and designs you want, and it’s easy enough that just about anybody can do it!

Start with several pieces of paper in varying colors (green, white, and red are common for fiestas, as they’re the colors of the Mexican flag). On each piece of paper, trace or draw a letter from the word “fiesta.” Then, using a hole punch, cut two holes in the top corners of each piece of paper. Then, run a piece of string through each of the holes to create the banner and hang it from wherever you like!

Papel Picado Banners

If you’re looking for some fun banners that you can hang up all around your fiesta space, you can get really creative with some tissue paper or papel picado banners. The nice thing about these is that, like the paper banner described above, these are very easy to customize. Not to mention, you don’t need a whole lot of different materials to make these.

All you need are a bunch of different sheets of tissue paper (like the ones you buy to gift wrap a present). Then, fold up each sheet like you would an accordion. Then, using a hole punch, put several holes throughout the folded up tissue paper. Run string through each of the holes to create a fun decoration. If you string enough of these together, they can create a lovely banner.

Burlap Banners

Finally, there’s the option of using burlap to create a fun banner. You can buy a roll of burlap at your local craft store for just a few dollars. From there, simply cut out a piece of burlap that’s long enough to create your banner. Then, using paint, you can paint the word “fiesta,” along with some other fun symbols or shapes, onto the burlap. Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes before hanging up in your desired location.

The possibilities for creating fiesta banners are truly endless, but these are just a few ideas to try out when it comes to decorating for your next fiesta. Need your fiesta complete with traditional Mexican cuisine but don’t want to do all the work after making these great decorations? Contact your nearest Macayo’s and try out our great party platters! 

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