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Colorful Wedding Fiesta Ideas

It’s wedding season! In the spirit of this festive time, we’ve gathered a few fun ideas for your unique, fun Mexican fiesta themed wedding reception. We’ve shared a few ideas for a summer fiesta before, but we think these are just perfect for that “perfect day.” Take a look below:

Maracas at Every Table/Seat

This can be a bit noisy, but this is a fun little gift for wedding attendees. Provide your guests with their own maracas, which they can shake as you and your spouse are pronounced married and again as you walk down the aisle together. The nice thing about using maracas is that they not only fit the theme, but they can be taken over to the reception as well.

Festive Flower Arrangements

No fiesta-themed wedding is complete without some festive and bright flower arrangements. Fun, festive, succulent floral arrangements for your bouquet, your bridal party’s bouquets, and even your centerpieces are gorgeous, simple and natural – be sure to look for succulents that are blooming! If you want to have even more fun with your floral arrangements, consider finding someone to make you some bright, creative paper floral bouquets in all colors.

Inspired Food and Drinks

One of the best parts about throwing a fiesta-themed wedding is all the fun you can have when it comes to your food and drink menus. Get creative by setting up a taco or fajita bar, complete with all different kinds of meats, vegetables, and toppings. Have traditional, delicious Mexican cuisine catered. Have tons of fun with an open margarita bar, where guests can assemble their own fun cocktails. You can even include little framed recipe cards around the bar to give your guests fun margarita ideas!

A Piñata (Because Why Not?)

What Mexican fiesta is complete without a piñata? This is a wonderful idea, especially if you are going to have young children at your reception that you want to make sure are entertained. You can fill the piñata with all kinds of fun candies, but the best part is piñatas also serve as decor items that are unique, festive and bright.

As you can see, the ideas for throwing a fiesta-inspired wedding are endless. With enough creativity and imagination, you can be sure to host a wedding and reception that your guests are going to love! For all your Mexican cuisine catering or party platter needs, be sure to contact Macayo’s!

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