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Importance of Training
Training is always an important part of our business and with the challenges we face today, it is vital to success. Not just Training, but retention. It is important for you all to have the strongest teams possible in place. Training for New Hires and Retention for our Existing Teammates is so very important for the overall strength of your team. It helps everyone when you know the person next to you is well trained and confident in their position. When you can rely on others, you can perform stronger in your own position. Over this next Summer, we will be very closely focused on Training and building out your Training teams.

As a Certified Trainer you will have a great impact on our team’s skills, confidence and ultimately our guest’s experience. You will become a Leader among the team, the Macayo team. 

Training Program Expectations
Most of the Training you will complete will be for our Front of House teammates. For Bartenders, Servers & Hosts, our Training program consists of (6) Training Days with different material covered during each. We believe in flexibility in Training but only one Training Lesson should be completed a day, do not combine multiple lessons into one day. The Training Schedule has been strategically created so as to not overwhelm the Trainees with too much information per day.

While our Training materials are all available online, this information must be reviewed with the Trainee in person. Managers/Trainers are responsible for going over every lesson with the Trainee in a “classroom” style. Do not just give the Trainee a Training iPad to complete themselves.

To move onto the next day, all Trainees are required to pass written quizzes. Trainees do not have access to these quizzes on their own, the quizzes should be opened for them by a Manager or Trainer. Once complete, a Manager or Trainer is required to review the results with the Trainee. If they pass with a 90% or higher, they are approved to move onto the next lesson. Trainees who receive a result of 75% to 89% will complete a refresh of the prior lesson with a Manager or Trainer and then proceed to retake a second time. Trainees who receive a result of 74% or lower will redo the lesson and come back for their next scheduled shift to retake the 3rd and final time. If a Trainee is unable to pass testing on the 3rd attempt, this could lead to termination of employment, reassignment of position of full Training Program review. Managers will need to review and decide on Trainees who are unable to pass any Quiz or Final Exam on a case by case basis.

Training Tools
Trainer Binders On-site at every location, binders for every team segment (ie: Management, Back of House, Front of House) These binders have a full copy of the Training Program for every job code. Feel free to review these at any time to see how the full program is laid out.
Trainee Folders To be given to each New Hire/Trainee on Orientation Day. On the left, the Trainee Packet and on the right, the Training Modules
Macayo Website Where our Training Program is hosted. To be used by Trainer and Trainee as they go through each lesson. Manager or Trainer is required to guide Trainee through every lesson, lessons are not to be completed by Trainee on their own. Access to all Quizzes, Training Review & Final Exam. Manager or Trainer should open the Quiz/Training Review/Final Exam for Trainees, make sure to advise them not to move on after attempt without approval.
Google Drive PDF lessons available for Trainees use to study at home, link provided in their Training Packet. These PDFs directly match the lessons on our website. These materials are solely for the Trainee’s use at home, to continue to study and prepare for next quiz.

Future Opportunities
There are many opportunities ahead! If you are interested in potentially becoming an Hourly Supervisor, Salaried Manager or even checking out  another Kind Hospitality brand – we want to know! Please feel free to reach out to your General Manager, Director of Operations or Executive VP of Operations to learn more.

Next Steps
After completing this lesson, please move on to take the Trainer Exam. One you have passed with a 90% or higher:
Pay Rate Increase Will be submitted within 1-2 days, effective the start of the following week
Free Macayo Uniform & Bird Pin Will be sent the following week, delivered to your home store with the Commissary delivery
Trainer Certificate Will be send the following week, delivered to your home store with the Commissary delivery