party platterHosting an office party, a family party or just a Sunday afternoon with friends? Want fresh, delicious Mexican cuisine at your event? We offer savory Mexican Party Platters for any type of fiesta. Perfect for an afternoon at work, an evening with friends or even a birthday, these party platters consist of our traditional, tasty recipes – but in a size perfect for the party! You can choose from an array of your favorite Macayo’s family recipes, from miniature favorites like tacos, tostadas and tamales to a fun array of chimichangas that everyone will love. When we provide party platters for your fiesta, we make sure to only provide the freshest and finest foods and ingredients. We promise to bring our tradition of warmth and hospitality to every event. Our Party Platters Phoenix AZ consist of delicious Macayo’s miniatures the entire family, the entire office or the entire party will love. View Full Menu 


Original Macayo’s Miniatures

Tacos, tostadas, tamales, beef or chicken chimichangas, red corn chicken taquitos and bean burros 17.99 per dozen

Full-Sized Items

Beef tacos, chicken tacos, red cheese enchiladas, red chicken enchiladas, red beef enchiladas 24.99 per 1/2 dozen, $49.99 per 1 dozen
Beef tamales, green corn tamales in husk 29.99 per 1/2 dozen, 59.99 per 1 dozen 

Fiesta Platter

Entertain your company with this 1 dozen each; beef mini chimichangas, chicken mini chimichangas, red corn chicken taquitos & green corn tamale bites 64.99
Sub tamalitos for green corn tamale bites +5.00 

Taco Platter

Build your own tacos with the Macayo’s Taco Platter!
– Small, Serves 5-7, 45.99 
– Grande, Serves 15-20, 79.99

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tray

An assortment of seasonal fresh fruit served with a strawberry cream cheese dipping sauce 32.99

Garden Veggies Platter

A variety of fresh, crisp vegetables served with cilantro ranch dressing or tomato basil dipping sauce 32.99