The Beerita: What is It & How Do You Make One?

Summer time barbecues and get-togethers are a wonderful time to explore new and exciting drink recipes. And while a simple beer might do the trick from time to time, the fact remains that beer can get a little boring. Why not spruce up your beer by turning it into a Macayo’s favorite, the beerita? If you like margaritas and you enjoy a cold beer, you’ll be sure to love a beerita.

What is a Beerita?

A beerita is exactly what it sounds like: a cross between a traditional margarita and beer. How awesome is that? However, since margaritas are a traditional Mexican beverage, it’s generally recommended that you use an authentic Mexican beer (such as Dos Equis!) when making your own beerita.

A beerita is a refreshing beverage to enjoy after a long, hard day at work, or even while relaxing on your deck or patio over the weekend. It’s also great for entertaining, as your guests will love this tasty variation on the margarita that they’re familiar with.

How to Make a Beerita

So, exactly how does one go about making their own beerita? If you’ve ever made a margarita or poured a beer in your life, it’s actually quite simple. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • a can or  small bottle (7 0z) of your favorite Mexican beer (Dos Equis is our favorite)
  • a freshly-made frozen margarita (see our recipe here!)
  • a lime wedge, for garnish (optional but recommended)

Start by pouring the beer into a salted pint or margarita glass with your margarita (your choice). Do your best to avoid letting the head get too high on the beer; if it does get a bit high, don’t worry. Just let it settle down before you add any more ingredients.

Stir until the mixture is blended together well. Garnish with a freshly cut lime wedge. All that’s left to do now is enjoy!

There are also plenty of great variations on this classic beerita recipe. For example, you can also use fresh-squeezed lime juice. You can also switch up the specific type of tequila that you use in the margarita recipe based on your specific tastes. This recipe is totally customizable, which makes it a wonderful option for entertaining your of-age guests.

If you’re looking for easy to make at home cocktails, the beerita is a great place to start. It’s simple yet delicious, and extremely refreshing on a hot summer day. Be sure to give this a try for yourself to add some variety to your life the next time you think about opening an ice-cold beer.