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Woody’s Favorite Cheeseburger Chimichanga Recipe

A recipe straight from the mind of Macayo’s founder, Woody Johnson, this delightful cheeseburger chimichanga recipe will change the way you feel about traditional chimichangas. It’s a flavorful combination of everything that makes a chimichanga delicious – with the added flavor of hamburger meat and delicious green chiles.


1 13″ flour tortilla

4 oz. hamburger

4 oz. chile queso

1/2 oz. diced onions

1/2 oz. diced green chiles

6 oz. seasoned fries

1 fresh jalapenos, sliced

1 oz. shredded lettuce

1/2 oz. pico de gallo


Cook hamburger on grill. Cut into small pieces and add chili queso, diced chiles and onions all together until hot. Place fries in fryer until golden brown. Spread hamburger across tortilla and roll tortilla burrito style. Place burrito into fryer until brown. Place seasoned fries next to chimi on plate. Spoon chile queso across the middle of the chimichanga.

Top queso with 2 fresh jalapeno slices. Garnish with shredded lettuce and pico de gallo.