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Macayo’s Drunken Pineapple Recipe

This is one of our favorite desserts! Perfect for a fiesta or a Friday night at home, the drunken pineapple has been popular with Macayo’s guests for many years. It’s refreshing, sweet and has a little kick to it – making it a time-tested dessert for every adult at the table.


1 bottle Partida Agave Nectar

1 oz House Tequila Gold

1 oz Triple Sec

1 tsp cracked black pepper

1 ea fresh whole pineapple

to taste raspberry syrup


Step 1: Mix all ingredients except fresh pineapple in a bowl. Peel and cut pineapple into 1″ slices. Core the middle of each pineapple slice. Place fresh pineapple in a pan and pour marinate over pineapple for a minimum of 30  minutes.

Step 2: Place marinated pineapple on flat top, cook on low-medium for 3 minutes on each side. Remove from flat top and cool before serving.

Step 3: Scoop 4 oz. ice cream on top. Drizzle with raspberry syrup.