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Our Traditional Margarita Recipe | 65th Anniversary Edition

Our traditional margarita recipe has been popular for many years. It’s a favorite with our Macayo’s family and all of our guests. Try it on a summery afternoon on the patio, surrounded by family and friends.


In a a 22-oz plastic mixing cup

2 oz Sauza Hornitos

1/2 oz Monin Agave nectar

3/4 oz Triple Sec

Fill mixing cup with ice, add ingredients and 5 oz fresh sweet and sour (see recipe below). Shake in metal shaker, pour into salt-rimmed Mexican margarita glass. Fill with ice. Garnish with lime wedge.

Fresh Sweet & Sour Mix

7 oz fresh lime juice

3 oz fresh lemon juice

2 oz Monin Agave Nectar

20 oz Macayo’s sweet and sour

Mix fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice and agave nectar together. Make sure agave nectar is fully mixed with the fresh juices. Add Macayo’s sweet and sour and mix thoroughly.