Recipe: Green Chili Pork Burro

If you love Mexican food, chances are you already have a few favorite traditional Mexican burrito recipes tucked away—but what do you do when you’re in the mood to try something different without completely straying away from your favorites? Consider whipping up this yummy green chili pork burro recipe. Loaded with delicious sour cream, stew, and black beans—and topped with Jack cheese, this recipe is sure to please. It’s pretty filling, too, so be sure to bring your appetite!

What You Need

Start by gathering all the ingredients you need for your green chili pork burros. For each burro you’re making, you’ll need:

  • a 13-inch flour tortilla
  • an ounce of sour cream
  • five ounces of prepared green chili pork stew
  • a half ounce of Jack cheese
  • four ounces of prepared black beans
  • a quarter ounce of shredded Jack cheese
  • two ounces of pico/cabbage mix, for garnish

You’ll also want to have a large skillet on-hand for heating each tortilla.

Throwing it Together

One of the nice things about this recipe (and one of the things that makes it so quick and easy) is that it uses so many ingredients that have already been prepared. For example, you can buy prepared green chili pork stew (or make your own ahead of time) and simply warm it up. You can also use leftover black beans from a previous night’s dinner. Once you have all your ingredients on-hand, it’s really just a matter of throwing it all together; it couldn’t get much easier.

Start by heating a tortilla over medium heat in a skillet until it’s slightly crispy but still pliable. Then, spread a dollop of sour cream down the center of the tortilla. Next, top the sour cream with a nice helping of the green chili pork stew, followed by the Jack cheese. The cheese should begin to melt onto the stew, assuming it’s warm enough!

Next, carefully roll the burro closed, just as you would a burrito before cutting the burro in half and putting on a plate. Use a ladle to fill a molcajete with black beans and top the beans with your remaining quarter ounce of shredded Jack cheese. Place the molcajete to the right of the burro on the plate, then add the cabbage/pico mix the the plate; ideally, the burro should be sitting on top of a bed of the garnish for the best presentation.

Serve With…

This burro is large and hearty enough to be enjoyed on its own, but if you’re especially hungry, consider serving it up with a side of authentic refried beans, topped with jack cheese. A side of Mexican rice also goes well with this dish. If you’re feeling really adventurous, go for serving up the burro with rice and beans. You’ll probably be stuffed for the rest of the day.

So, the next time you’re in the mood to try a new recipe for dinner but still want an authentic Mexican dish, be sure to give this delicious green chili pork burro a try. We’re convinced that it’ll quickly become a new favorite!