Chile Harvest 2014!

Our annual Chile Harvest celebration is just around the corner!
As the story goes…when the Spaniards entered New Mexico in 1598, they brought with them a hardy vegetable that was the foundation of their distinctive cuisine – the green chile. Today, chiles are the base for the entire Mexican food industry.
In 1972 a chile shortage inspired Woody Johnson to create his own source of chiles. An important ingredient in many of our Macayo’s recipes, his vision would become the Fiesta Canning Company in McNeal, Arizona.
Today, our manufacturing facility farms approximately 1,000 acres and is known as one of the largest chile producers, canning over 30 million pounds per year! Fiesta’s field and manufacturing plant workers, 300 strong in season, are trained and supervised by an executive team that stresses quality, consistency and cleanliness through each phase of the operation.
The moment the trucks of glistening chiles arrive from the fields, they are sorted to quality standards and then shot through fire-roasting jets at an even 1,500 degrees. The chiles are then seeded and shipped to customers throughout the country where they will become the base for the tastiest Mexican food.
Fiesta Canning stands for superiority in ready to use products. Fiesta del Sol and Cochise Farms are the brand names of the product lines designed by Fiesta Canning for food service.
After the harvest, we celebrate our Fiesta Canning Company, who provides the ingredients we use every day throughout the entire year with our in-store special menu, Macayo’s Chile Harvest. These year’s menu features items such as: Harvest Sampler, Salsa Trio and our guest’s favorite…Tres Rellenos Especial. Take a look at the recipe of our Green Chile Stew, another guest favorite, with delicious, roasted Anaheim chiles.
8 oz. Liquid butter
4 lbs. Pork sirloin, ½ inch diced-braised
2 lbs. Fresh Anaheim chiles
1 lb. Kernel Corn
2 lbs. Red Potatoes
16 oz. Tomatillo Enchilada Sauce
4 oz. Sergio’s Tomatillo Salsa
1 tbs. Cumin
2 oz. Salt
2 tsp. Crushed Red Peppers
½ gal. Water
6 oz. Flour, Roux
1. Fry 2 lbs. fresh Anaheim chiles until skin is blistered. Place chiles in cold water, remove skin and seeds. Chopchiles ½ inch by 1 inch
2. Place stock pot on high heat and pour liquid butter in and add pork. Braise pork with liquid butter, cumin, salt and crushed red pepper – approximately 4 minutes
3. Add water, corn, potatoes, tomatillo sauce, tomatillo salsa, chopped Anaheim chiles
4. Reduce heat to medium. Cook till pork is done – approximately 10 minutes
5. Add pre-heated roux and stir into mixture for approximately 2 minutes