Mexican Veggie Tacos Recipe: Try Them for Dinner Tonight

Whether you’ve got a vegetarian in your household or are simply looking to try something different for dinner, this veggie taco recipe is a flavorful alternative to your “typical” taco night. Plus, it’s super healthy and loaded with nutrients! And for those picky eaters in your house, these tacos have so much flavor that there won’t be any complaints.

What You Need

One of the best things about this recipe is that it’s super quick and simple, yet it tastes like it took you hours to throw it together. There’s a good chance you’ve already got most of the ingredients stocked in your fridge or freezer. For this yummy Mexican veggie tacos recipe, you’re going to need the following ingredients:

  • four ounces of Calabacitas veggie mix
  • a half ounce of whole black beans
  • an ounce of chipotle butter
  • several 13oz. corn tortillas
  • four ounces of tomatillo salsa
  • an ounce of Jack cheese
  • two ounces of fresh guacamole
  • two ounces of picante salsa

This dish goes great with a side dish, so you’ll also want to consider what you’d like to serve as a side. For veggie lovers, an extra side of the calabacitas and black beans makes a great choice. However, you may also want to have some refried beans, rice, or other side dish available as well. You can’t go wrong with a side of beans topped with a little bit of cheese.

Putting it Together

Once you’re sure you have all your ingredients ready, it’s time to get cooking! You’ll need just about a half an hour to throw this recipe together, so it’s the perfect option for a busy weeknight or even a lazy Sunday. You’ll want to start by by heating a flat top to medium heat; then, add the calabacitas mix and beans with a dollop of the chipotle butter right on top. Cook the veggies in the chipotle butter until they’re tender and well heated. You can also heat up an additional portion of veggies to serve as a side dish; they’re yummy enough to eat on their own.

Next, heat a plate in the oven until warm before removing and putting a taco holder on the plate itself. In a soup cup, add a side (either the veggies, or some rice and beans…or both, depending on your preferences!). Heat two of the corn tortillas on the flat top until they’re soft and warm and place them in the taco holders. On top of each taco, spread the Jack cheese evenly and top with an ounce of guacamole for each taco.

In a small bowl, mix the veggies with two ounces of the tomatillo salsa until well combined. Use this mixture to fill each tortilla, spooning half of the mixture into each taco. Serve with side ramekins of tomatillo salsa and picante salsa. Yum!

The next time you want to serve up a healthy yet flavorful and filling side dish, this is the recipe to use. It’s sure to please everybody at the table, and it’s something you can feel good about serving. Plus, it’s quick and easy enough to make any night of the week, so be sure to give it a try!