Join Us for Happy Hour All Day, Every Day at our Casa Grande location! 
Happy Hour Trio






$3 Appetizers
– Macayo’s Famous Cheese Crisp 
– Chile Trio Cheese Crisp 
– Cup of Spinach con Queso 
– Green Corn Tamale Bites 

$3 Drinks 
– Draft Beer 
– Well Drinks 

$6 Appetizers 
– Guacamole 
– Red or Green Chile Fries 
– Mini Chimis 
– Red Corn Chicken Taquitos 
– Shredded Chicken Cheese Crisp 
– Bowl of Spinach con Queso 

$6 Drinks 
– Margarita de Macayo 
– House Wine 
– Call Drinks 
– Red Sangria 
– White Sangria 

Available in the bar or on the patio only. All Day, Every Hour at our Casa Grande location only.