Happy Birthday Macayo’s!

Did you know that Macayo’s is celebrating its 69th birthday? We are! Since the 1940s, we’ve been serving up some of the area’s favorite drinks and Mexican dishes. Today, we have 15 different locations across the state and beyond. In celebration of our 69th birthday, we’re inviting everybody to stop by and sample some of our new menu items and drink specials. We know that when it comes to Mexican restaurants, the community holds us in high regard, which is why we continue striving to impress.

From 1946 Through Today

The roots of Macayo’s date all the way back to 1946, when Woody and Victoria Johnson first made their dream of owning a restaurant come true. With the opening of their first restaurant, they knew their focus was going to be on hospitality and delicious, authentic Mexican recipes. The funny thing is that not much has changed since that first day of operation; we’re still family-owned (the Johnson’s sons and daughter have taken the reigns) and we’re still known for our friendliness and our fresh, delicious food. The only real difference is that we’re slightly larger today, with 15 different locations currently in operation. And that’s something we’re very proud of!

Must-Try Menu Items

In celebration of our 69th birthday, we’ve been working hard at coming up with some great new menu items, and we’re so excited to share them with you! A few of our favorites include our bold shrimp and chorizo taquitos, tinga chicken tacos, and pollo blanco burros. We also have a yummy green chile pork stew for those who are looking for a heartier option. Specifically, this dish incorporates the best cuts of pork butt, some amazing braising spices, tomatillo salsa, and fresh-grown poblano peppers for a spicy, smoky flavor. And finally, be sure to leave plenty of room for dessert, because our new mint chocolate chimis are out of this world.

New Drink Items

Of course, we knew we couldn’t stop with just a few new dishes on our menu. We know that many of our customers come back time and time again because they love our unique drinks! That’s why we decided to come up with some fun new drink options that you need to try for yourself. From our classic grand margarita to our fruity Arizona sunset margarita, we’re shaking things up with our new drink options. We also have a truly light and refreshing desert limeade that you’ll absolutely love, on top of our red sangira with a kick (hint: it includes tequila)! And last but certainly not least, we have our own version of the Moscow Mule. Known as the Macayo Mule, this drink incorporates the flavors of tequila, Patron, ginger beer, and a spring of fresh mint for a delicious flavor. And of course, it’s served up in a copper mug to bring out the best tastes!

Here at Macayo’s, we’re so proud to be celebrating 69 years of serving the community. And we couldn’t think of a better place to share our authentic recipes than right here in Arizona. We hope you’ll stop by to celebrate with us by trying out some of our new dishes and drinks!