6 Flavorful Reasons to LOVE Chimi Fiesta 2015

The Macayo’s Chimi Fiesta is in full swing, and we’ve been enjoying many different versions of our favorite dish. With 69 years of tradition supporting the creation of these recipes, we take pride is serving handcrafted chimichangas with unique flavors and delectable additions – think farm-grown chiles, fire-roasted sauces and secret spice mixtures. From mannered and mild to delightfully hot, our chimi recipes are created with beautiful chiles that add the perfect pungent flavor. Take a look below at our favorite types of chiles to include in our chimi recipes:


Green chile:

This versatile chile is very popular here in the Southwest. It can be found in everything from stews and burgers to of course, chimichangas. It is mild and full of flavor.


These large chiles are very mild and packed with a strong, unique flavor. They are a favorite of our Macayo’s guests!


Somewhat spicy and very common, these green chiles add a mannered bit of heat to each recipe.

Morita Chile:

These chiles are a rich, savory red. Smoked and dried, the flavors this chile adds are generally sweet and piquant.

Serrano Chile:

The spice factor begins to skyrocket with the lovely Serrano Chile! These fun chiles are bright, strong and delectable.

Chile de Arbol

Vibrant and peppery, this chile packs a strong, spirited punch. Get ready for a rich spiciness with this chile!