5 Ladies Night Cocktails to Try

Every woman deserves to be able to spend some quality time with her friends every once in awhile. No matter how busy your schedule gets, surely you can find some time to catch up with your girlfriends over a few cocktails. Here at Macayo’s, we’re proud to be a great location for hosting your next ladies’ night out. With the best Mexican drinks and some delicious food to accompany it, we invite you to stop by with the girls the next time you all get a chance to get together! Specifically, we’ve got a few drinks that are sure to suit the members of your group.

Grand Margarita

Sometimes, you just need a margarita at the end of a long, hard day. Our Grand Margarita is perfect for sipping as you catch up with your best friends. Refreshing and light, Macayo’s Grand Margarita combines the flavors of Patron Silver Tequila and Grand Marnier. This is the perfect drink if you and your girlfriends are looking for a classic drink with a kick.

Arizona Sunset Margarita

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little fruitier, we can also recommend our Arizona Sunset Margarita, which is a favorite off our new menu and a go-to beverage for many of our female patrons. This delicious margarita is made with Sauza Blue Reposado Tequila, Cointreau, peach, and cranberry juice for a unique flavor that blows a traditional margarita out of the water. Our guests love the beautiful reddish-pink color of this beverage and its yummy orange peel garnish.

Desert Limeade

When you and your group are looking for Mexican alcoholic drinks that are truly refreshing—especially on a hot summer day—you really can’t go wrong with the Desert Limeade Margarita. You won’t find another beverage like this in the area. Made with Espolon Reposado Tequila, fresh jalepeño, fresh cucumber, freshly squeeze lime juice, and desert pair, this is a drink you truly need to try for yourself to appreciate!

Red Sangria

If you and your girlfriends are more along the lines of wine drinkers, then you’ll love our Red Sangria with a kick! It’s made with your traditional red wine and freshly squeezed fruit, but to make things a little more interesting (as we always do here at Macayo’s), we also add a little bit of tequila. This sangria is great when shared with friends, so come give it a try on your next ladies’ night out!

Macayo Mule

Finally, we also have the popular Macayo Mule, which is our take on the traditional Moscow Mule. This yummy beverage is made with Casamingos Blanco Tequila, Patron Citronge Lime, refreshing ginger beer, and a sprig of fresh mint. And it’s all served up in a copper mug to bring out all the flavors, just like a Moscow Mule. Yum!

The next time you and your girlfriends are looking for somewhere to go and celebrate your ladies’ night out, be sure to keep Macayo’s in mind. Aside from excellent and authentic Mexican food, we’ve also got plenty of fun cocktails for you to try!