3 Warm Fall Drinks to Make with Friends

Fall is here, and for most of us, that means a welcome drop in temperatures. However, it also means that our traditional, beloved Mexican drinks (like margaritas and sangrias) might not be the perfect choice on a crisp, autumn night. Instead, it’s time to explore three warm fall drinks to keep you warm around the bonfire with friends. No worries; we’ve got you covered with three unique and delicious Mexican drink recipes for fall.

Boozy Mexican Hot Chocolate

Transform traditional hot chocolate with a little chocolate liqueur and dried chiles for a kick of flavor. For this recipe, you’ll need:

a few packets of your favorite hot chocolate mix (or you can make it from scratch)
Mexican cinnamon sticks
small dried chiles, chopped into small pieces
Mexican chocolate of your choice, finely chopped
chocolate liqueur of your choosing
Start by making your hot chocolate; then, add a pinch of the dried chiles, the Mexican chocolate shavings, and about an ounce of your favorite chocolate liqueur to each mug. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and stir well before serving. Yum!

Hot Mexican Cider

If chocolate isn’t your thing, how about some adult Mexican cider for this fall? You can’t go wrong with the crisp taste of apples. For this recipe, here’s what you’ll need:

five cups of your favorite apple cider
a quarter cup of fresh lemon juice
two cups of tequila
a third cup of orange liqueur
a pinch of salt
Start by combining the cider, lemon juice, and salt in a medium-size sauce pan on “simmer.” Once warm, add the tequila and the orange liqueur, stirring until well combined. Kick the heat up to medium, and allow to heat until the cider is hot. Just don’t heat for too long (a few minutes is enough), or the alcohol will burn off. Serve in mugs and enjoy! You can also garnish each with a fresh lemon wedge, if you’d like.

Delicious Hot Horchata

Horchata is a famous Mexican beverage that’s deliciously sweet and often served chilled. However, this recipe is perfect for the fall because it involves the sweet flavor of horchata with rum! Plus, it’s served up warm. Here’s what you’ll need to get started in whipping up a hot horchata:

two ounces of your favorite rum
four ounces of horchata
an ounce of coffee
ground cinnamon
whipped cream
a drop of whiskey bitters
Start by combining the horchata, rum, and coffee before heating (either over your stove top or in the microwave). Then, add the bitters and top with your desired amount of whipped cream and ground cinnamon. Serve in a large mug. Yes, it really is that easy…and this recipe is perfect for doubling as your drink and dessert in one!

These are just a few fun Mexican drink recipes to try out this fall. Whether enjoying around the camp fire, around your fireplace, or anywhere else, these recipes are sure to please the adults in your home. Plus, they’ll had the added effect of keeping you warm and getting those cheeks nice and rosy.